News from December 2005

Sublegals Vol 11, No 10, 16-30 December 2005:

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16 December changes to New Zealand fisheries regulations -

Plan aims to rejuvenate New Zealand's Lake Ellesmere: local Maori tribe Ngai Tahu and the Government have signed a new management plan aimed at restoring Lake Ellesmere, south of Christchurch. The lake was declared technically dead after Environment Court Judge Jeff Smith found it virtually unable to sustain animal life. Ngai Tahu and the Government said the weekend signing of the first joint-management plan between the Department of Conservation and iwi would help reinvigorate the lake. [The Press]

Sublegals Vol 11, No 09, 9 December 2005:

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Sublegals Vol 11, No 08, 2 December 2005:

    **AND MORE……

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