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News from May 2009


~WE HOOK THE NEWS THAT'S FIT TO NET~ Vol. 15, No. 13, 8 May 2009

“You act like I’m babbling secrets here. Come on. You’re just looking at me like this: aww, you're going to tell them about the coal in the water huh. Alright, that’s great. Caus’ those people don’t deserve that. They should have some clean streams and we should use their coal and we should get that money back from the oil companies. Come on brother! Who’s with me?”

--Jon Stewart

Three Salmon Bills Pass Through CA Senate Committees………15:13/01
Source of Methylmercury Explained in New Scientific study………15:13/02
Drakes Bay Oyster Farm Continues Fight to Keep the Farm………15:13/03
Fishermen Unite Against Spiny Dogfish………15:13/04


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