Ecology, often considered to be a branch of biology, is one of the life sciences of most value for the future of this planet.

Fisheries management must be based on fisheries ecology, which is a very complex and hardly exact branch of science. Ecology is the economics of nature and it deals with the exchange of matter and energy within and among ecosystems. But, while in economics we know most of the values of currencies, costs, prices, and interests, in the “commerce” that takes place in ecosystems those values constantly change and affect each other in many ways, and we don’t even know all the factors in the game.

Ecosystem is the definite space in which all those processes take place, and in the ocean, we have the marine ecosystem.

Fishery ecosystem is a marine ecosystem in which fishermen, fish, and environment meet and interact, while fishery is the process in which fishing people exploit fish-stocks within fishery ecosystems. Those three are bound together in every fishery, and influenced by such external factors, as people’s cultures, markets, technology, and logistics on one hand, and fishery-independent, natural and anthropogenic, biotic and non-biotic trends and fluctuations on the other.