Hong Kong is a territory in southern China, which was a British possession under a 99-year lease. See the Wikipedia article on Hong Kong for more detail.

As most of its population live on an island and the others are close to the coast, fishing is one of its industries.


From Sublegals 11:10/04 (December 2005):

  • WTO HONG KONG AGREEMENT MADE: The WTO approved a statement which advances negotiations on the Doha Round, started in Doha, Qatar, at the 4th Ministerial Meeting focusing on agriculture, industrial products, raw materials, services and intellectual property rights when global trade talks ended on Sunday. The statement was approved by the body’s 149 member governments, and although not extensive, the statement called for elimination of export subsidies for farm products by 2013, getting rid of cotton export subsidies from countries beginning in 2008 and offering technical support to poor countries. A final deal is scheduled to be made in 2006 with the trade reforms beginning in 2008. The next meeting will be held in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2006...